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About The Frank Gazette

My name is Bevan Frank and I am a young stroke survivor. I have started The Frank Gazette to help me with my stroke recovery.

Last year I woke up one morning to discover I had suffered a stroke during my sleep! I had no risk factors – I was relatively fit, did not smoke, was not overweight and had no high cholesterol or blood pressure problems. But a stroke struck me anyway and with one ruthless blow my life changed.

So what does a writer, author and former journalist do in these circumstances? He starts The Frank Gazette of course! The Frank Gazette is a mixed content feast with articles that fit under the categories of ‘happy’, ‘healthy’ and ‘wealthy’.

Mailing list

I plan to create more content as time marches on, so please come back and visit The Frank Gazette in the coming weeks. I can’t say when exactly I’ll finish writing more articles. But hopefully soon. (Things. move. slowly. in. stroke. recovery. world.)

Alternatively, please join my mailing list to receive content updates, news and information about various other offers. If you join, you’ll receive a FREE e-Book on Brain Health, which includes vital information about reducing your risk from the effect of cellphones and wireless waves on your brain.

Debut novel

Before my stroke I wrote a thriller, The Mind of God. My award-winning book is set primarily in Cape Town, where I’m originally from.

At the heart of the plot is the idea of ‘global consciousness’, or a ‘worldwide mind’ – the notion that when groups of people focus their minds on the same thing, they influence the world at large. This is something that has always fascinated me and so I decided to incorporate it into a fast-paced thriller.

Check out my book here.

If you decide to buy a copy (e-Book or paperback) I would be really grateful if you could please leave a review on the site where you make the purchase, particularly if it is Amazon, Apple or Barnes & Noble. This helps send me up the rankings and makes me more ‘discoverable’.

Thank you

So, if I’ve still got your attention, thanks for visiting! It took absolute ages for me to get to this point where I’m writing content again (albeit at a snail’s pace) but I hope that you enjoy and get some value from the articles you read.

If you are reading this, it means that you are alive and still able to experience life on this amazing planet. Embrace this simple fact. No matter your circumstances. No matter your past. If there’s anything I’ve learnt since my life was viciously turned upside down, it’s that we need to appreciate our todays – every single minute. And learning to be grateful, even when negative circumstances surround you and you think there’s no way out, is what can help to keep you afloat. So, find something to be grateful for. I’m sure you can find at least one thing if not more!

And always remind yourself that things are never as bad as they might seem (even if they seem really bad!) and that after the storm there’s always the good weather to look forward to. While clouds still hang over me, I know they will dissipate. I just don’t know when.

Go well.

Bevan Frank


You can reach me at the above email address. (Given my condition, response time might be slow!)
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